White Rock North School



Toddler Tumble & Twirl

This class is a fun and active way to encourage confidence for younger children. We use music & rhythm and of course dancing. Your child will learn tumbling skills, such as forward roll, crab walks and balance beam.

Combo, Ballet & Tap

Dancers will enjoy learning the basics and fundamentals in ballet/tap. Dance helps children develop not only physical ability, but builds their self-esteem as well.

Boys Only! Hip-Hop & Tumbling

Boys only in this class! Boys will work on hip-hop combinations that use footwork and rhythm. Students will also work on the fundamentals of tumbling.


Each student will work on balance, creative movement & learning the basics of gymnastics.

Grader Ballet, Tap & Jazz

Dancers will learn more technical fundamentals of ballet, tap and jazz styles. We will focus on correct terminology and body placement. Students will learn with the aid of barre exercises, across the floor combinations and floor work.


Jazz dancers will focus on rhythm and musicality. Students will also practice floor work & across the floor combinations. Because most of the technique has already been taught in ballet class, we ask that your child also be enrolled in a combo class.



  • Registration fee: $30 (non-refundable) Due with Enrollment form
  • Winter Theatre Fee: $15 ( non-refundable, due in December)
  • Spring Recital Fee: $35 (non-refundable, due in April)
  • Late fee: If tuition is not turned in by the 5th of each month a $15.00 late fee will be added to your account.

Dress Code:


  • Ballet/Tap: Any color leotard, tights and skirts. Pink Ballet shoes. Black Tap shoes.
  • Jazz: Any type of dance clothes. Black jazz shoes.
  • Hip Hop: Any type of dance clothes. Black jazz shoes.
  • Tumbling: Any type of tumbling clothes. No shoes required.
  • Boys

  • Ballet/Tap: White t-shirt & black shorts. Black ballet shoes. Black Tap shoes.
  • Jazz: Any type of dance clothes. Black jazz shoes.
  • Hip Hop: White t-shirt & Black shorts. Black jazz shoes.
  • Tumbling: White t-shirt & Black shorts. No shoes required.

Don’t forget your cover up!


We believe when your child is on stage, no matter their skill level they are a star and we intend to make them feel that way! Performing provides dancers of all ages the joy of accomplishing their goals.

Winter Performance

Dancers will have the opportunity to show off what they have learned in class. The cost of the costume is $30 (yours to keep) and due in November. Theater fee of $15, which covers the cost of theater rental, props and programs, is due in December. Date TBD.

Spring Recital

A tentative date will be set by December for our annual Spring Recital held at Lake Highlands High School. In order to received custom costumes on time, we will order them in January. The cost varies on class and due in January. Theater fee of $35, which covers the cost of theater rental, props, tickets, programs, security, lights, sound technician, teacher help, and so much more, is due in April.

Holidays & Important dates:

We observe most RIDS and PISD holidays. Please review monthly calendars.


All tuition is based on 4 lessons a month.  NO REFUND will be given for a missed class. There are NO MAKE-UP CLASSES, unless the class is canceled by the teacher.

Private Birthday Parties

Does your little star love to dance? Why not have a dance themed birthday party! You provide a space and we’ll provide the dance instructor. The instructor will lead a fun dance warm up, dance games and a follow along routine that matches your theme. No dance experience necessary for your guests.


  • $100 for an hour
  • Up to 12 kids. (Additional children requires an additional teacher.)
  • Includes dance instructor, dance props, learn a dance & play games.


  • Hip Hop Rock
  • Ballet Princess
  • Pop Diva
  • Create your own

Makeup Classes:

In the event that a class is canceled by the teacher or a holiday, the class shall be made up within 4 weeks of the cancellation.  Notice shall be provided to parents in advance of the make up class.